“They’re the kind of songs you just wished were blasting out of the radio on a sunny day.”

The Soul of a Clown

“The music is timeless and performed with so much passion that tears almost fall from my eyes while listening...it will make any singer/songwriter full of envy.”

Kaj Roth - Palace of Rock

“Lush powerful guitar hooks and an equally powerful voice compete and compliment wonderfully throughout 'Lights Out'. Indie rock with a punch.”

Beehive Candy

“Heavily riff-oriented, the album captures the energetic, emotive side of alternative music by expertly switching between powerful choruses and distinct, captivating verses; the album has a welcoming pop demeanour and an engaging rock n’ roll spirit that originates with “Lights Out” and holds out until the explosive ending of “Poison the Well”.”

Dusty Organ Music

“In 2011, Josh Flagg and the Obligations released their first album Devastate Me. The power-pop style of the music was nothing new, but the depth of the lyrics and the ability to get you hyped up or calm you down. Flagg’s EP features just three tracks but multiple listens are strongly encouraged. The EP starts with the title track “Lights Out.” The trio of guitars starts out slow with just a simple riff and a drum beat, but it only picks up when Josh starts singing. People might complain about the lack of talent that it takes to play power chords and to write a rock ballad, but Flagg and his boys show that a rock band can be complex and deep while keeping the music simple.”

Joseph Bodenbach - The Jailhouse

“Subverting pop-music stereotypes is the norm for Flagg and his bandmates. They’re not the kind of rock band that fixates on winding guitar solos or 10-minute epics. They prefer tight, energetic tunes. That are sometimes about poisonous water supplies and cancer cells — like if Elvis Costello suddenly became fixated with graphic novels.”


“Taking songwriting into new territories and yet being one of the most infectious power rock albums, how has the rest of the country not caught on to Josh Flagg yet?”


“The feeling that sticks after listening to Josh Flagg's record "Devastate Me" is something I wasn't surprised to see as a buzzword in the musician's bio: velocity. There's a sense of urgency that colors the songs individually, and the record as a whole.”


“Albums of this quality inevitably catch the attentions of mainstream movers and shakers, up to and including the lucrative advertising and game soundtrack contractors, and Josh Flagg has produced an album that's as power driven and intermittently glossy as any of the FM rock antecedents he knowingly takes influence from.”


“Lots to like here without filler and even the slower tunes like “Don’t Wake Me” recall Paul Westerberg’s lonely guitar ballads.”


“The albums highlight comes in the form of the perfect 256, it’s steady build up with atmospheric squelches and squeals combine with airy vocals before bursting into life. To say this is one of my favourite songs that I have heard this year would be an understatement. Immense.”


“We all love a Cinderella story, and Josh Flagg’s “Devastate Me” is the musical equivalent. Approaching songwriting like a prize fight, Flagg comes at you fast and furious but inside he’s doing it out of love for the sport.”